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7 tips to help your dog have a smooth ride

Journeys on the road with your furry best friend are a breeze with these pointers.

1. Before going on a long trip, have a test drive to see how comfortable your dog is in a car.
To get your pet used to being in a moving vehicle, try taking him on a few short drives so he can acclimatise. Reward him with treats to help him build positive associations with being on the road.

2. Avoid messy accidents – let your dog eliminate before a drive.
If your pooch gets carsick, avoid feeding him just before a drive, and bring along medications from his vet. Plan regular bathroom breaks if you are on a long journey – this also allows your furry friend to stretch his legs.

3. Get seat covers to protect your upholstery.
Dogs are messy creatures by nature, and you are planning a day outdoors, it is inevitable your pet will bring some dirt and mud back with him. To protect your upholstery, use seat covers and a small vacuum for any messes. Bring plenty of poop bags, paper towels and a stain and odour remover as well.

4. Safety first! Dogs are just as vulnerable as humans in a car crash, so ensure your pet is safely secured.
The most common way to do this is by strapping your puppy in using a dog harness seat belt. Alternatively, you can use a dog carrier, which can be fitted in the back seat, or your dog’s crate, which is great for jittery pets as it is something they are already familiar with and can help ease nervousness.

5. Don’t let your dog lean outside the window.
Your Instagram feed may be filled with entertaining videos of your friends’ dogs poking their heads out of their cars and enjoying the breeze, but this is actually unsafe for pets. Their head and eyes can be hit by passing debris or road dust and, if you drive fast enough, the rushing wind can be bad for your dog’s eyes, ears and lungs.

6. Keep them cool.
Leave the air-conditioning running at a comfortable temperature for your pooch, and be sure to check that enough cool air reaches him in the back seat. Don’t leave your dog alone in the car on a hot day, as it can get unbearable for him. If you have to do so, be sure to crack the windows open and consider leaving a portable mini fan switched on in your vehicle to keep him cool.

7. For a longer drive, plan for water breaks to prevent dehydration. Bring treats to reward good behaviour.
Pack a bowl, some clean water and treats on trips with your puppy, and have frequent breaks to let him hydrate, eliminate and get some fresh air. And while your car stereo keeps you entertained while you drive, it doesn’t amuse your dog in quite the same way, so bring along some of his favourite toys to keep him occupied. 

car in focus - mitsubishi Eclipse cross


Comfort is paramount on long drives with your pooch, and the Eclipse Cross delivers this in a stylish and unique package. Beat the Singapore heat with its dual zone aircon, which ensures enough cool air makes it to the back seat of the car, so your pet is kept safe from overheating. The vehicle’s foldable rear seats are also perfect for bigger dogs to sit in. And with its Multi Around Monitor, which reveals blind spots as you park, as well as split rear window, which provides a larger view of the car’s rear compared to conventional rear windows, you don’t have to worry about your or your puppy’s safety. There is truly no better ride for you and your furry passenger.

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